Detail Freaks - Supreme Suds Shampoo 500ml

Detail Freaks - Supreme Suds Shampoo 500ml

Great dilution ratio, long-lasting suds and created with special lubricants to give a ultra smooth clean as you contact wash your car.


Safe to use with all waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings!! 


How To Use:


1) For best results use a Snow Foam to loosen any dirt on your car, alternatively just rinse your car with water.

2) Add approximately 15ml of our Supreme Suds Shampoo to a 25L bucket with warm water.

3) Mix the bucket of water and Supreme Suds Shampoo thoroughly

4) Apply to your car's surface using a Microfibre or our Premium Wash Mitt to thoroughly clean.

5) Rinse your car with water.